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caribbean holidays in cayman
Cayman Activities
Reflecting during the sunset on Little Cayman



family holidays, cayman islandsAll three of the Cayman Islands have a list of must-see Caribbean attractions. For a complete Cayman experience, take in the islands' rich history, unique traditions, and incredible nature. Plan your Caribbean holidays around some of these enticing activities and learn that the beauty of the Cayman Islands extends far beyond the sand.


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Hints & Tips

  • The plural of Cayman is not Caymen or the Caymans. Simply use Cayman or the Cayman Islands.
  • Visit Pedro St. James to learn about the history of the Cayman Islands from discovery to modern day.
  • There are more attractions under the water than above. Explore some today.

Stingray CityStingray City

Ever pet a stingray in an aquarium? How about petting a few dozen while wading in the Caribbean Sea? Stingray City Sandbar is one of the top Grand Cayman attractions and is home to a whole shoal of friendly southern stingrays that congregate near the shore. The stingrays began gathering in the area... Click here to learn more

National TrustNational Trust

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands preserves cultural and traditional sites of artistic and architectural interest on the islands. The Cayman Islands National Trust also provides protection for local natural resources and wildlife. Some historical sites to visit are... Click here to learn more

Pedro St. JamesPedro St. James

The oldest building in the islands and one of the most popular Grand Cayman attractions, Pedro St. James Castle is the restored centre-piece of a national historic site overlooking the Caribbean Sea with, one of the best views in Grand Cayman. Built by William Eden in 1780, the 3-storey manor has... Click here to learn more

Cayman Turtle FarmCayman Turtle Farm

One of our most unique Caribbean attractions is the Cayman Turtle Farm. The Cayman Turtle Farm celebrates Caymanians’ stewardship of the seas and the special relationship the whole nation shares with the sea turtle.  A 23-acre marine park brings visitors closer than ever to... Click here to learn more

Botanic ParkBotanic Park

When Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II opened the Grand Cayman Botanic Park in 1994, the Woodland Trail was all that stood. In recent years, the grounds have grown into the majestic and vibrant Botanic Park that is operating today. Cayman's Botanic Park is recognized as a world-class facility... Click here to learn more


Among the list of popular Cayman Island attractions is the Cayman Motor Museum. This engaging site is located on North West Point Road near the Cayman Turtle Farm. Stemming from the vision of businessman Andreas Ugland, this local showroom gone public boasts an impressive collection of exotic, rare... Click here to learn more

Caymana BayCamana Bay

The town of Camana Bay elevates luxury and style to a whole new level. Stretching 500 acres from Grand Cayman’s Seven-Mile Beach to the North Sound, Camana Bay offers every convenience, from fashion and nature, to entertainment. Since the preferred way of transportation in the town are bikes... Click here to learn more 


The Kittiwake was a Chanticleer Class Submarine Rescue ship.  In service from 1945 to 1994, her most memorable duty was the diligent recovery of the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster. The ship was later donated in 2010 to the Cayman Islands and thus began a perilous journey to her current, Caribbean resting place. Click here to learn more  


Atlantis Submarines International is the world leader in tourist submersibles, with operations in nine special locations around the Caribbean and Pacific. With the company's start in Grand Cayman of 1985, the Atlantis Submarine introduced the public to. Click here to learn more